“Creativity, Achievement, Healing are held within everyone. I just help to bring them out.”


From its establishment since 1997, SGcomm Co., Ltd founder and CEO Sung Ki Suk has always considered the ‘Open Mind’ as the most important virtue of a leader. He believes that real leadership is about drawing out the management skills embedded within the employees and finding their diverse potentials.


To him, the most important management ideology is ‘the value of a person’ and has since practiced a system of communication & sharing of information with an open mind to allow self- management as well as to invigorate that value.


During the 22 years of growth there were numerous trials and errors following the development and maintaining of the company with big and small failures. But the thought that ‘People are precious’, guarded as a principle, has allowed the achievements of today which started from nothing. The fact that more than half of the company is made up of long-term or returning employees is a clear example of this.


“Since our establishment, we have held professionalism in import vehicle brand’s marketing communication through ‘Decision and Focus’ as the strategy of growth. The future of, the still young, SGcomm is ‘Maturity and Expansion’, providing Premium values to brand experience marketing through accumulated know-how and knowledge. In addition, SGcomm will show its maturity as a corporation by take part in social contribution activities through ‘Sharing and Co-existence’. We will pursue in depth and range on our principles that ‘people are precious’ so that it becomes a crucial element of practicing SGcomm’s vision of ‘Something Great’."


Through the personnel-based management of CEO Sung, Ki Suk and all executives and employees who trust and follow in his footsteps, SGcomm is on its way to becoming a first-class corporation in Korea.